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Just That Zombie Girl

I liked "Diary of the Dead"

When I watched Diary of the Dead, I couldn't help but enjoy it -- it was gory and raw like Dawn of the Dead (1978), not all cheap money-shots like Land of the Dead. I think most of it was a bit too optimistic (people usually fall apart much more quickly in a crisis), and everyone was too "pretty" -- but, those aside, I think it was a good imagining of what would happen. I mean, I have a Liberal Arts degree ... the students reminded me of people I went through school with. I can imagine us making so many of the same mistakes, but trying to capture what was going on. When we've had our "what-if" conversations, we've spoken of taking cameras and laptops -- to gain and give information.

I like that we don't really know how it ended ... that it was left for us to wonder -- not just about them but about us. Would we survive? In the end, Jason's curiosity killed him, but inspired Deb to finally understand what motivated him. In the end, Riley (the mummy-kid) was killed by his own excess (and the sheltered nature of his lifestyle). In the end, maybe Texas-girl survived ... but she probably died because she'd seen too much ... seen how art too often mirrors life, rather than imitating it.

I think it was a fitting Romero ending ... in a lot of was, the film (especially the ending) reminded me of Dawn of the Dead (1978).

Do any of you agree?
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